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What we accomplished in 2012

Bicycle Colorado encourages and promotes bicycling, increases safety, improves conditions and provides a voice for people who ride bicycles in Colorado. Here’s a snapshot of our accomplishments in 2012 toward our mission. Advocacy Colorado rose to No. 4 on the League of American Bicyclists Bicycle-Friendly States list, and remained at the top…

The Powerline Trails bill could have big implications for multimodal transportation

Gearing up for the 2022 Colorado legislative session

Montbello Summer Bike Series

Your guide to Colorado Bike Month 2020

Bike commuting: The best way to take your biking to the next level

Bicycling and the environment

Active Bike Corridors

Your Guide to Colorado Bike Month and Bike to Work Day 2019

Bike Denver Initiative

A conversation with Russ Shaw, Bicycle Colorado Board Member

Denver’s 2019 budget includes more than $7 million for bicycle network

How GO Bond funding builds out Denver’s bike network

7 tips for goal setting and why you should consider riding the Triple Bypass

Confident Commuting

Rules of the Road and Trail

Enlightenment at 12 miles per day

I’m new to the Bicycle Colorado staff, but not to bicycle advocacy or riding bikes. That said, the last few weeks have been an education in bicycling on an entirely new level than what has been known to me for two decades. The 12 miles I ride most days give me more…

Action Alert: Will Denver include bikes in the bond?

It’s GO time: If you want more and better bicycling, then Denver needs you! The city intends to pursue a general obligation bond (GO Bond) in 2017 to support funding shortfalls for all kinds of projects, including transportation and parks. Public input will be critical and is necessary to encourage funding for…

CDOT: Making strides across the state

As the Active Transportation Manager at Bicycle Colorado, I’ve come across a number of projects that have me excited for the future of active transportation in Colorado. The staff and leadership at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is working to adapt designs and practices to embrace 21st century transportation which prioritizes moving people…

Six lessons for life on a bike: spotlight on member Gypsy Garcia

Introducing Women Bike Colorado

Fewer women than men ride bikes in the U.S.—a lot fewer. I don’t like to admit it, but the stats don’t lie. In the U.S., male cyclists outnumber female cyclists by at least 2:1. The reasons why women don’t ride as much are pretty logical. As a group, women get more groceries, schlep…

CDOT Bike/Ped Design Guide Finalized

Bicycle Colorado is excited to announce that the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has officially adopted the chapter on bicycle and pedestrian facility design in its Roadway Design Guide. The chapter provides guidelines on how to accommodate bicyclists on state roadways and is also a great resource for local bicycle advocates and…

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Bicycle Colorado

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The Latest News

  • Share and tag your bicycle images
  • Bicycle Colorado has been proud to offer a variety of bike clinics this season to give riders new skills and confidence. Thanks to Nicole from the Amy D. Foundation for leading the Women’s Gravel Clinic.
  • After multiple attempts since 2018, on the final day of the session, the Colorado Legislature passed SB24-065, also known as the distracted driving bill.
  • Mark your calendars … @VeloSwap is back! #VeloSwap Tickets and booth space are now available for the November 2nd event. Link in bio. #BikeExpo #Denver