We teach adults how to safely and confidently commute by bike!

Studies show that bike commuting can improve mental and physical health while also connecting you to your community, saving you money and helping the environment.

Interest in bicycle commuting is growing by the day, and we are working to make Colorado the best place to ride through infrastructure and legislation that make this choice safer and more accessible.

Our Confident Commuting programs are meant to help adults feel more confident while riding. And we recognize that people interested in commuting have varying levels of confidence today, that’s why we offer several different options for you to choose from based on your comfort level.

Read more about each below. 


When you bike commute to work or school you’ll save money and feel great! Your employer will thank you too—they can save money when YOU ride. Wellness programs are proven to save health care and absenteeism costs.

In a study of 72 wellness programs, every $1 invested in a wellness program saved businesses $4 on health care costs and $5 in reduced absenteeism costs. Pass it along. 

The Navigator Program

Our navigator program, led by mobility program director James Waddell, connects new riders to more experienced bike commuters around central Denver. You can think of it as a “bike-hailing” service for people interested in riding but who’d like an assist in getting started. 

We plan to launch the program in the fall of 2019. Once we’ve launched, people who want to ride more can request a navigator to show up and help them learn new routes, navigate traffic and learn the rules of the road! The navigator program is made possible with Transportation Demand Management Set-aside funding.

Want to learn more? Email mobility program director James Waddell at james@bicyclecolorado.org

Active Bike Corridors

We want to make commuting in the Denver area as easy as can be. Our Active Bike Corridor (ABC) program aims to increase rides into and around Denver using seven key bike corridors and a whole lot of local partners and community engagement to get more people out riding more often. Routes were sourced to activate communities surrounding the city core with input from Denver Regional Council of Government (DRCOG), Strava and Denver Public Works, and it is made possible with Transportation Demand Management Set-aside funding.

Enjoy Friday group commuter rides, family and youth rides and classes in confident commuting, basic bike maintenance and more. Contact Education Program Coordinator Chris Winn at chris@bicyclecolorado.org to start your adventure!

Group classes

When you’re ready to get started, gather some co-workers or friends and let’s get pedaling!

We are currently offering a variety of programs that can be implemented anywhere—workplaces, community centers or even your local brewery during happy hour.

Participants learn essential traffic, safety, navigation and maintenance skills to increase their confidence while bike commuting, and everyone who takes our classes pedals away with a full manual to dive deeper into topics of interest.

We know all organizations, businesses and communities have a unique culture and set of opportunities and needs, and we’re happy to customize the program for each client. Sessions are available individually or as a package. Below is the current list of classes we are offering.

For more information about scheduling a program, email bikeschool@bicyclecolorado.org

Confident Commuting 101

A comprehensive introduction to bike commuting. Topics include choosing the right bike and fit, clothing and gear and how to clean up and be presentable for work. Later, we shift to rules of the road and traffic scenarios. This involves an in-depth discussion of safety tips, bike laws, etiquette, infrastructure and lane positioning.  Presentation length is 1.5hrs, but can be tailored shorter if needed.

Basic Bike Mechanics

Participants are guided through the basics of taking care of a bicycle, including fixing a flat, adjusting brakes and maintaining a chain. All participants will get the opportunity to change a flat tire. In addition, participants will learn the “ABC Quick Check”–an easy way to make sure your bike is ride-ready that will help prevent crashes due to bike malfunction.  Class length is 1.5hr, but can be tailored shorter if needed.

Winter Riding 101

Interested in riding year-round, but not sure how to prepare for the colder season? Just because the temperatures start to dip, it doesn’t mean the fun stops!  Participants of this class will learn tips and tricks on what to wear for comfort and warmth, best preparing your bike and gear, route navigation and how to ride safely in wet or snowy conditions.  Presentation length is 1hr. 

Group Rides

Bicycle Colorado will lead a group ride for all participants interested in gaining first-hand commuting experience on the road while boosting their confidence.  This is best done following our Confident Commuting 101 presentation.  The route will take participants through a diverse sample of intersections, streets and infrastructure, allowing for more discussion related to rules of the road, lane positioning, etc. Participants will receive feedback on their riding as well as practice bike maneuvering skills to further build confidence and decrease the chance of being involved in a crash. The group will travel at a comfortable pace to accommodate different riding levels.

Bicycle Colorado

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The Latest News

  • We were THRILLED to host @thewaroncars for their first-ever episode recorded in front of a live audience at our #MPFCO conference last week. They chatted with special guest @kyleclark9news about media coverage of safe streets issues and about the mobility scene in Denver. You can listen NOW by clicking the link in our bio. Thanks to the War on Cars team for traveling to Denver—please come back any time! #bicyclecolorado
  • We had our first trip to the Capitol of the session today, working to get the Senate Judiciary to pass SB 061, the bike lane bill. The bill defines bike lanes in Colorado law and establishes that bicyclists have the right-of-way in a bike lane. It passed today by a vote of 3-2! Now it heads to the Senate floor at a time TBD! The bill is sponsored by Senator Mike Foote and Representative KC Becker (Speaker of the House), and @cyclist_lawyer has been instrumental in bringing it forward! #bicyclecolorado
  • #BicycleColorado’s Executive Director, Pete, and Senior Communications and Policy Manager, Jack, spent part of yesterday afternoon live on @koacolorado’s Mandy Connell Show talking about the way we use our streets. We discussed why Colorado communities are investing in bike lanes, how we can educate on the rules of the road and keep everyone safe, the many benefits of bicycling and much more.

Take a listen by clicking the link in our bio and jumping ahead to the 36-minute mark of the episode!