Whatever you ride, wherever you ride and whenever you ride, we’re there for you.

Our vision

We envision a Colorado where riding a bicycle is always safe and convenient for everyone, where bicycling is the top choice for recreation and everyday trips, and where the benefits of bicycling are experienced and valued by all people in our state.

Our mission

Our mission is to lead a passionate and growing movement that champions the interests of everyone who rides or wants to ride a bicycle in our state.

Major Achievements


  • Passed House Bill 1028, the statewide Safety Stop, covering all communities in the state, following a 2018 win in legislature that passed common language allowing individual communities to adopt the rule if desired
  • Helped pass Senate Bill 193, which created a Clean Air Grant Program that includes $12 million for a new eBike subsidy program
  • Changed the law with Senate Bill 179 so the practice of “rolling coal” is no longer legal and extended it so that people and dealerships cannot knowingly sell or purchase vehicles capable of putting vulnerable road users at risk in this way
  • Passed House Bill 1104, the Powerline Trails Bill, which helps communities across the state learn about their options for partnering with utility providers to create new walking, hiking and biking trails underneath power lines


  • Working alongside the Colorado Bike Event Coalition (CBEC), succeeded in amending Colorado’s COVID-19 5 Star Certification Program to include outdoor recreation events, allowing them to operate at a greater capacity
  • Worked with partners to improve the funding buckets allocated in Senate Bill 21-260, the statewide transportation bill, to ensure over $1 billion in new funding was accessible for multimodal transportation projects to boost bicycling and transit
  • Successfully advocated for the Colorado Department of Transportation to update their “Share the Road” signage to “Three Feet to Pass” signs starting in 2022


  • Passed Senate Bill 061, a law defining “bike lanes” in state law and creating penalties for drivers parking, idling or driving in a bike lane
  • Helped pass Denver ballot measure 2A, which created the state’s first eBike subsidy program
  • At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensured that bicycling was categorized as an “essential activity” and bike shops were recognized as “essential businesses” in Colorado, allowing for necessary transportation and recreation bicycling and maintenance of bikes to continue safely


  • Passed the state’s first vulnerable road user bill, creating consequences for careless driving that injures vulnerable road users
  • Gained hundreds of miles of new shoulders for riding bicycles on state roads
  • Changed the law to allow side-by-side riding when it’s safe to do so
  • Changed the law to require drivers to give bicyclists three feet when passing and allows cars to cross a double-yellow line to safely pass
  • Changed the law so people riding bicycles can signal right turns with their right hands and so they can ride through a crosswalk instead of dismounting
  • Advocated for a bicycle and pedestrian project design guide to be used by transportation planners statewide
  • Protected and improved important mountain bike trails, and ensured mountain biker representation in planning and preserving open space
  • Ended bicycle bans around the state, including bans on riding bikes on specific roads, on racing events and even on bringing your bike on light rail trains
  • Tightened the hit-and-run loophole to make possible penalties equal to drunk driving
  • Developed relationships with lawmakers and policy makers on both sides of the aisle, including the governor’s office, the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Denver Regional Council of Governments
  • Taught more than 600 Colorado adults and children to ride bikes, and held programming for over 10,000 students and hundreds of adults on active transportation (biking and walking to school, bike commuting and using bikes for errands and nearby trips)

Our core values


We value and seek purposeful long-term partnerships, to work with organizations and communities to make a positive impact and connect others so they can form valued partnerships as well.

Our core values


We take a stand on issues important to people who ride bikes, and do so with humility.

Our core values


We take risks to discover new and creative ways to accomplish our goals, even when confronted with unforeseen challenges.

Our core values


We are curious, open-minded, active listeners, eager to improve and willing to learn.

Our core values


We use our skill and passion to ensure all people on bikes are treated equitably in Colorado.

Our core values


We are transparent, honest and do what we say.

Our core values


We value and proactively engage people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and we act with kindness and respect.


“Bicycle Colorado's work with CDOT and the Colorado State Patrol laid the groundwork for the amazing cooperative partnership that all Colorado cycling events have with both groups.”

  • Scot Harris
  • Owner, Rocky Mountain Events
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  • DON’T DELAY: We’re placing another order for #BicycleColorado masks made by our friends at @primalwear TOMORROW (5/14) at noon! Click the link in our bio to get yours now!
We’re thrilled to see so many people out enjoying (and often rediscovering the joy of) riding a bike right now, and we’re asking ALL bicyclists to do their part to prevent the spread of #covid19 by wearing a mask or other face covering when out for a ride. Doing so keeps you, your loved ones, those around you, and all Coloradans safer while helping reduce stress on our medical system. If you still need a mask, click the link in our bio to pre-order one now and support our advocacy work! Thanks so much to everyone who has already purchased, and to @primalwear for supporting our efforts over the years. Ride on.
  • #BicycleColorado volunteers and staff members spent time today helping @denverurbangardens and @denverfoodrescue deliver “Grow a Garden” food boxes to home-bound families in Denver—via bike! Supporting our community on two wheels makes for a great way to spend a sunny day. Many thanks to our friends @ddchen47, David M., and @juggernautcargo for your help! Head to denverfoodrescue.org or dug.org to learn more about these great local organizations. #rideyourbike
  • Tonight the #BicycleColorado team celebrated Stacey, our outgoing Development Director, with a virtual happy hour. Stacey has been an absolute rockstar for BC. We’re sad to see her leave, but thrilled for her as she heads out on a new adventure (hopefully in the #BikeAdvocacy space!) in North Carolina. Please join us in wishing her well!