SHIFT Driving™ is now available to access for all drivers in Colorado! Scroll down to learn more about the program before taking the course, or click the button below to jump in!

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Safer roads for all of us

After more than two years in development, Bicycle Colorado is proud to be launching SHIFT DrivingTM in the Summer of 2023. This brand new online driving education course focuses on filling the knowledge gaps seen in existing driving education, specifically on sharing the road safely with bicyclists and pedestrians.

By taking this course you are taking that important first step away from that autopilot, and carrying those skills as an informed and engaged driver.

Skyler McKinley

Director of Public Affairs, AAA Colorado

The evolution of our driver-focused education efforts

Bicycle Colorado is focused on providing comprehensive education to advance the skills and safety of all riders across the state. However, we know that connecting with bicyclists is only half the equation, and vehicle drivers are responsible for safely sharing the road. Our previously driver-focused curriculum Bicycle Friendly Driver has been well received by our audiences, but being instructor-led has meant a limited ability to scale and reach new audiences. The clear pathway forward was to fully automate and digitize the course, making it available anytime and anywhere through a web browser-based platform. With the availability of SHIFT DrivingTM, we now have a unique opportunity to certify drivers of all ages across the state on the critical content needed to safely and confidently navigate alongside bicyclists and other vulnerable road users.

SHIFT Driving™ Promo Video

SHIFT Driving™ Launch Webinar (recording)

How to Access SHIFT Driving™

General Access Information

SafetyServe is our software provider. You will need an access code to register for the course.

Please note the following general access code: BCSDC

Steps to log into the SafetyServe portal for the first time to access SHIFT Driving™:

  1. Navigate to: https://training.safetyserve.com/shiftdriving/
  2. Select the “New Student” button.
  3. Select the “New Student Registration” button.
  4. Enter the above access code OR if applicable, the custom access code provided by your employer. It is important that if you have an employer-provided access code that you enter it, because that is how your employer will be able to track if you completed the course.
  5. Create a Login ID and Password.

Returning users should select the “Returning Student” button on the homepage at https://training.safetyserve.com/shiftdriving/.

If you have any issues with the course technology, please refer to SafetyServe’s FAQ in your training portal or contact SafetyServe directly.

For businesses and organizations

Group certification

You can request a custom access code for your business, organization or team. Using a custom access code, team leaders can track the completion of the course among their employees and achieve SHIFT Driving™ certification as a group.

Interested in requesting a custom access code? Please fill out this form and we will be in touch with you shortly.


Partner toolkit

Partner Toolkit

We welcome and encourage our organizational partners to share widely about SHIFT Driving™, a unique interactive safety curriculum for Colorado drivers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SHIFT Driving™ for?

SHIFT DrivingTM is for anyone who drives a motor vehicle, regardless of age or experience behind the wheel. The content is presented from a driver’s perspective and focuses on the gaps in knowledge regarding how to navigate around other road users such as bicyclists and pedestrians.

Can I access SHIFT Driving™ from a mobile device?

Currently, SHIFT DrivingTM is only accessible from a desktop web browser. We do have plans in the future to convert the course into a more mobile/tablet-friendly platform.

How much does SHIFT Driving™ cost?

SHIFT DrivingTM is completely free. To align with our goals to make this course as accessible as possible, there is no charge for taking the course.

Do I have to complete the course in one sitting?

No, the platform allows the user to exit and save their current position in order to return at a later point.

Will you still offer Bicycle Friendly Driver?

Yes! We still believe in the value of in-person programming, especially in regard to deeper discussion and addressing specific questions attendees may have. If you are interested in scheduling a Bicycle Friendly Driver course (either in-person or webinar), please contact bikeschool@bicyclecolorado.org

How long does SHIFT Driving™ take to complete?

The course is made up of 5 different modules, plus a final exam of 10 multiple-choice questions. The average time to complete the course and exam is 75 minutes.

Contact us at shift@bicyclecolorado.org with any questions and comments.

Program Sponsors:

Bicycle Colorado

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