The secret is out: Colorado is a special place to live.

Our population is projected to grow by more than 3 million people by 2050the equivalent of adding more than four Denver-sized cities to our state! With this growth will come challenges that could result in rising housing prices, increased traffic, diminished air quality and more. But with bold leadership and bold action, not only can we tackle these challenges, we can harness Colorado’s growth to enhance the quality of life for all residents and visitors to the state and, in the process, dramatically improve conditions for people on bicycles.

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That’s why we’ve developed this three-year strategic plan to guide our work.

Our strategic plan will allow us to better support bicycling in Colorado. But while our work spans a spectrum, what we do ultimately comes down to addressing two fundamental issues: 


Add to our projected population growth the ever-increasing number of people visiting Colorado for business and leisure, and we will see more vehicles and bicycles vying for limited space. Factor in distracted drivingwhich is approaching an epidemic leveland the riding behaviors of some bicyclists, and it becomes clear that we must take action to secure the safety of all people on our roads and paths.


More people riding bicycles for transportation and recreation is good for Colorado. Any person who wants to ride a bicycle, be it for fun or exercise or to get around town, should be able to do so conveniently and without fear of injury. Unfortunately, this is not the current realitybarriers exist based on age, gender, race, physical ability and economic status. We must and we will accelerate our work to remove these barriers.

That’s where we’ll focus the majority of our work. We’ve also updated our vision and mission; our beliefs; our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion; and our core values as part of our strategic plan.

Our call to action

This is a unique moment in time, one that holds the potential to make Colorado the gold standard for bicycling. At a low cost, the bicycle can address traffic congestion, environmental degradation and declining physical and mental well-being, and it can connect people to opportunities and resources they otherwise couldn’t access. To seize this moment, we must think differently about, and ultimately change, how we move about our communities, be that by bicycle, scooter, foot, bus, train or some yet-to-be discovered mode of transportation. This requires changing how we design and construct our public spaces so we have more and better infrastructure to ride and walk safely in our neighborhoods.  

The bicycle, a fundamentally simple machine, can make Colorado an even more vibrant place to live for all current and future residents. To unleash its full potential, Bicycle Colorado will work tirelessly with new and existing partners to ensure that every ride for every person is safe and convenient.

We believe this plan sets us on a path to do so.

Our vision and mission

Our vision

We envision a Colorado where riding a bicycle is always safe and convenient for everyone, where bicycling is the top choice for recreation and everyday trips, and where the benefits of bicycling are experienced and valued by all people in our state.

Our mission

Our mission is to lead a passionate and growing movement that champions the interests of everyone who rides or wants to ride a bicycle in our state.

Our core values

How we conduct ourselves is as important as the strategies we will implement to realize our vision. Our core values are:

We value and seek purposeful long-term partnerships, to work with organizations and communities to make a positive impact and connect others so they can form valued partnerships as well.

We take a stand on issues important to people who ride bikes, and do so with humility.

We take risks to discover new and creative ways to accomplish our goals, even when confronted with unforeseen challenges.

We are curious, open-minded, active listeners, eager to improve and willing to learn.

We use our skill and passion to ensure all people on bikes are treated equitably in Colorado.

We are transparent, honest and do what we say.

We value and proactively engage people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and we act with kindness and respect.

Our beliefs

Combined with our core values, the following beliefs comprise the foundation of our work.

  • Every person, even those who do not ride bicycles, benefits from bicycling.
  • Every bicycle ride should be safe and convenient.
  • Every person should have the option to ride a bicycle for recreation and transportation.
  • Riding bicycles benefits our communities, our environment and our physical and mental well-being.
  • Colorado can be the best place on earth to ride a bicycle.

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

We are dedicated to ensuring that Bicycle Colorado and our movement are diverse, equitable and inclusive. As a statewide organization, it is our responsibility to thoughtfully serve and represent all Coloradans who want to ride bicycles; doing so makes our movement stronger. It is also, simply, the right thing to do.

To meet this commitment, we will deepen our understanding of and prioritize our work in these areas. By building new and existing partnerships and elevating the voices of underrepresented populations, we will identify, understand and remove barriersstarting with those embedded in our own organizationthat prevent all people from experiencing the many benefits of bicycling. We will proceed with humility and empathy; seek out and actively listen to all perspectives; examine, question and learn from our assumptions and biases; and encourage our current members and supporters to join us on this journey.

What do we need to do to get there?

Goal 1
Create safe places to bike for everyone

Every person, regardless of their zip code, should be able to ride a bicycle conveniently and without fear of injury. This requires that Bicycle Colorado and leaders at all levels of government understand the concerns of bicyclists, think differently about the use of public space and lead change, even when such change is not politically advantageous.

The steps we'll take

  • Update our one- and three-year legislative strategic and tactical plan and expand the capacity of our policy team to support its implementation.
  • Deepen our relationships with state elected officials, the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Colorado State Patrol, the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Colorado Tourism Office to proactively draft and pursue shared goals that advance the interests of bicyclists.
  • Increase funding for bicycle infrastructure, support the adoption of bicycle-friendly street design standards, and accelerate the installation of bicycle-friendly signage.
  • Catalyze and accelerate work in all Colorado counties by strengthening relationships with local advocates, sharing policy tools and resources, and offering training and technical assistance to communities positioned to advance bicycle safety and access in their area.
  • Expand the work of our Denver Streets Partnership and take other actions as needed to establish our state’s capital as an international gold standard of a bicycle-friendly city.
  • Understand barriers in bicycle safety and accessibility to address the needs of all people, regardless of skill level, background or where they live.

Goal 2
Develop safe behaviors and skills

Regardless of mode, everyone—and especially adultshas a responsibility to keep each other safe on our public rights-of-way. We will work to fill gaps in knowledge, skills and awareness through our education programs and partnerships, and pursue long-term statewide solutions so that users of roads, paths and trails are informed, confident and accountable. Additionally, we will strive to help every child in Colorado learn to ride a bicycle safely.

The steps we'll take

  • Develop, maintain and deliver high-quality educational content that prepares children and adults to walk and ride a bike safely and with confidence.
  • Develop, maintain and deliver high-quality educational content to support future and existing drivers to safely use roads with bicyclists, pedestrians and people on other mobility devices.
  • Use technology to deliver educational content in ways that extend our reach across the state and make learning convenient and engaging for all children and adults.
  • Establish partnerships with organizations, governments and businesses to reach large numbers of people and new audiences through education.
  • Convene and collaborate with local advocates and educators across the state to share educational content and instructional best practices.

Goal 3
Shift public opinion

The public’s dominant views of bicycling and what it means to be a bicyclist must change. A “bicyclist” should be any person who rides any type of bicycle for any purpose. We also must change beliefs on how best to travel throughout our communities, with the bicycle as a viable and mainstream mode of transportation for local trips.

The steps we'll take

  • Update Bicycle Colorado’s brand identity to capture the values, beliefs and focus areas (safety and accessibility) in this plan.
  • Craft and implement a communications plan that shifts the beliefs and perceptions of bicyclists and the general public across our state. Partner with local advocates, media, businesses and other organizations to develop impactful messaging.
  • Create and strengthen engagement experiences that appeal to bicyclists and the general public and that celebrate and underscore the many benefits of riding bicycles. Partner with businesses and other organizations so they can better promote viable transportation options and to extend our reach.
  • Educate the media and public about language and messaging around traffic safety.

Goal 4
Build the movement

The impact we have, including our ability to create safe and convenient places to ride for everyone, is directly connected to the size, diversity and inclusiveness of the movement and the actions that members take. We must encourage and make it easy for any person or organization to join the movement and take action in ways that are meaningful to them and that advance our shared cause.

The steps we'll take

  • Ensure the movement is welcoming to all individuals and organizations who embrace our core values.
  • Understand the aspirations and concerns of all members of the movement.
  • Regularly share information on what is impacting bicycling and the bicycle advocacy movement with members and the general public.
  • Connect and convene those currently or potentially interested in bicycling in order to share ideas, inspiration, tools and resources.
  • Create opportunities for individuals and organizations to take action in ways that advance the work of the movement.
  • Establish partnerships with organizations and businesses that have goals similar to Bicycle Colorado (e.g., safety on our roads) but are not currently supporting bicycling.
  • Grow and strengthen the movement by deepening partnerships with local, regional, national and international advocacy groups.

Goal 5
Create a high-performing team

Delivering results requires that Bicycle Colorado be a great place to work. We will attract and cultivate people who offer diverse perspectives and have a passion for bicycling and community building; we will provide every team member opportunities and support to make a difference, to learn new skills and to grow their career; and we will develop a values-based culture and sustainable systems and structures to maximize our impact.

The steps we'll take

  • Establish measures for all goals and actions in this plan, regularly assess and communicate our performance against these measures and our core values, and implement course corrections as needed.
  • Attract, develop and retain an inclusive and collaborative team with the diverse experience and skills needed to realize our vision; provide learning experiences that enable everyone to advance their careers and expand their impact over time.
  • Ensure the work environment, both on the team and the board, is welcoming to any person who shares our core values.
  • Enhance systems and culture to promote transparency, communication and collaboration.
  • Document all key work processes to support onboarding of new team members, continuous improvement and cross training.
  • Implement strategies to diversify our sources of revenue and to generate the additional revenue (e.g. fee-based, fundraising) needed to implement this plan and realize our vision.
  • Operate with fiscal prudence to ensure our financial strength.
  • Support our Board of Directors so that each member fulfills their responsibilities and maximizes their impact.

To track our impact, we’ll use these four metrics:

The number of people who ride bikes for recreation and transportation grows

People choose to ride bikes for recreation and transportation more often

The number of bike crashes, injuries and fatalities decreases

Bicycling brings more money to Colorado’s economy

We will analyze these metrics to understand our impact on different populations (e.g., race, gender) and geographic areas (e.g., rural, urban), and report on our progress against these metrics and the strategic goals described below.

Want to get involved? Here’s how:

Email info@bicyclecolorado.org or call 303-417-1544.

Bicycle Colorado

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