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We believe riding a bike should be accessible, safe and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of skill level, age, gender, race or socioeconomic status. That thinking is also why, in 2017, the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) established the Active Bike Corridors (ABCs) on Bike to Work Day.

Our Plan Of Action

Now, two years later, Bicycle Colorado in partnership with Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and longtime Bicycle Colorado board member, Graham Hollis, we’re launching a new and exciting program to highlight and promote these seven high-comfort corridors throughout the Denver metro area. The aim of the ABCs is to engage with new riders and existing riders throughout the metro community 365 days a year, to ditch their car and hop on their saddle. 

Whether  you’re commuting to work, school, the playground, grocery shopping or out for date night, Bicycle Colorado has you covered with these seven corridors.

ABC Master Map

The Seven Corridors

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Our Program Partners:

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Our aim is to get new riders on the corridor who are curious and new to commuting by bike in Denver. We are doing this by creating a variety of educational opportunities, offering programming and guided group commuter rides.  Scroll and click below to learn about our classes and browse our interactive event calendar and sign up to a program near you!

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ABC Programs

Confident Commuting 101

A comprehensive introduction to bike commuting. Topics include choosing the right bike and fit, clothing and gear and how to clean up and be presentable for work. Later, we shift to rules of the road and traffic scenarios. This involves an in-depth discussion of safety tips, bike laws, etiquette, infrastructure and lane positioning.  Presentation length is 1.5hrs, but can be tailored shorter if needed.

Basic Bike Mechanics

Participants are guided through the basics of taking care of a bicycle, including fixing a flat, adjusting brakes and maintaining a chain. All participants will get the opportunity to change a flat tire. In addition, participants will learn the “ABC Quick Check”–an easy way to make sure your bike is ride-ready that will help prevent crashes due to bike malfunction.  Class length is 1.5hr, but can be tailored shorter if needed.

Winter Riding 101

Interested in riding year-round, but not sure how to prepare for the colder season? Just because the temperatures start to dip, it doesn’t mean the fun stops!  Participants of this class will learn tips and tricks on what to wear for comfort and warmth, best preparing your bike and gear, route navigation and how to ride safely in wet or snowy conditions.  Presentation length is 1hr. 


Family & Youth Education

We want bicycling to be an appealing option for families commuting to school, activities or errands, but realize that it can be an overwhelming experience for adults to begin riding on the city streets with their kids.  To increase ridership on the ABC’s, we will offer youth/family focused programs and group rides along the corridors.  We are happy to tailor programs to suit any particular needs, so feel free to get in touch and start a conversation on how we best can help.


Corridor Group Rides

Let’s get out and ride! Come join a guided ride on one of the seven corridors led by our expert Bicycle Colorado Education Team.  All ages and abilities are welcome, this is a great opportunity for any beginner riders to learn and build their confidence before venturing out on their own. Participants will receive feedback on their riding as well as practice bike maneuvering skills to further build confidence and decrease the chance of being involved in a crash. The group will travel at a comfortable pace to accommodate different riding levels.

Check the Google calendar below for specific ride details and make sure to register before coming along.  See you on the road!

Active Bike Corridors Presented By JUMP

Curious about trying one of the new dockless bike share options?  We are excited to announce a partnership with JUMP, the first dockless electronic bike share company to launch in Denver.  We will be leading specific rides on shortened (~2mile) Active Bike Corridor routes leading into downtown Denver.  At these events, people will be able to learn more and experience the ease and joy of riding a JUMP bike for themselves. You can learn more about the specific JUMP routes here, and watch our calendar below for the next upcoming JUMP Active Bike Corridor ride near you!

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“Bicycle Colorado is making bicycling better for Coloradans. Better biking means more cyclists. And more cyclists mean more bike shop customers.”

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  • We’ve heard from a lot of #BicycleColorado members and supporters lately about the joy they’ve felt while riding their bikes in recent days! Our next few posts will feature some of their stories. This one comes from Carly N: “Just had to share that Baxter and I have definitely been enjoying some rides! Thanks for all you do!”
  • We’ve heard from a lot of #BicycleColorado members and supporters lately about the joy they’ve felt while riding their bikes in recent days! Our next few posts will feature some of their stories. This one comes from Jenny and Stan S.: “We went with 2 neighbors to Utah prior to the lockdown for solitary bike and hiking. Photos of blue/green MTB trail in Dead Horse State Park. The trails were empty and dry. The visitor center had too many people for my comfort. Later Utah visitor centers closed. Mercifully, most  bathrooms remained open.

We traveled with bleach spray, wipes, gloves, buffs, raincoats (to wear indoors!). We ate inside our car and motel room. PBJ and frozen turkey pot pies.”