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Women Bike Colorado night at the movies!

“The worst day on a bike is still a pretty good day.”

Spoken by a pro woman cyclist, that was one of the lines that stayed with me from Jennifer Hardacker’s film, The Wind In Our Hair. The documentary, which follows an eclectic and engaging cast of characters–all women and girls who love to ride bicycles–has been a hit at film festivals and screenings across the country.

The Wind In Our Hair in Denver

This week, we were lucky to have Hardacker join us here in Denver for a screening and Q&A with members of Women Bike Colorado.

For me, one of the film’s most powerful segments was a frank, poignant discussion about how body image and self-confidence impact women and girls. Those featured in the film echoed a common sentiment: in a world where women face constant evaluation of their physical appearance, cycling offers an opportunity to see their bodies as powerful, as vehicles that can take us anywhere and as worth celebrating–no matter what they look like–for what they can do.

Curious about the film? It will be available to the public online soon! Stay informed about screening and release dates via Facebook.

You can watch the trailer here:

What’s next for Women Bike Colorado?

It’s been almost two years since Bicycle Colorado started a Facebook group just for women in Colorado who love to ride, emulating gender equity efforts at other advocacy organizations around the country. Since January 2015, the group has become a dynamic, thriving community with more than 2,500 members.

Jennifer Hardacker, the filmmaker (center, in grey), chats with attendees of the WBC movie night

In the coming months, Bicycle Colorado and BikeDenver plan to host quarterly social gatherings for Women Bike Colorado, featuring special guest speakers. To stay plugged in, join the community on Facebook.

Kudos to Campus Cyclescampus-ws

Our hosts for the screening were the wonderful people of Campus Cycles, an independent bike shop in south Denver. Campus Cycles has been a strong supporter of Bicycle Colorado and other advocacy organizations for many years. “Philanthropy is in our DNA as a company,” explained owner Bobby Verenna.

Bike education and outreach are part of Campus’s DNA, too. The Campus Cycles team realizes that there’s still lots of work to be done to support and grow the women’s cycling community. Campus’ dedicated and welcoming staff hosts bike maintenance classes and demos, including several women’s-specific courses and a Ladies’ Night each spring.

Campus Cycles staff members who attended the screening of The Wind In Our Hair observed that the film’s message resonates broadly. Riders of all genders can identify with the pure joy of riding a bicycle. We couldn’t agree more!


Madeline Kreider Carlson

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Jane - Reply

I’m so torn….I hate the thought of signing up for facebook. I’m not a climate denier, just someone who is computer-reticent. I’m advanced enough to support B.C., and enjoy it’s informational percs, but hate the thought of dragging myself into another group “thing.” Why is Women Bike a facebook only media outreach? JaneJane

    Katherine Fuller - Reply

    Hi Jane. We understand, and thanks for reminding us that not everyone uses Facebook. It’s simply the easiest tool for getting an informal group started. Women Bike Colorado is still in its infancy and as we grow we will look to other options, such as a regular email to let people know what’s planned as well as a more robust WBC page on our website. Hope that will be more helpful to you in the future.


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