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Freedom is a bike

When I was 15, all I wanted was a license and a set of car keys—those two things meant freedom to go wherever I wanted. Later on, I realized that real freedom, for me, comes from two wheels. Why? 5 reasons: #5: Freedom from car expenses When I drove everywhere, it was pretty…

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New home. New commute. New bike?

Anyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I moved recently. Buying your own place can be very exciting, but it also dominates your world for a while. My friends have probably heard enough about it already… Part of moving, though, is figuring out your new routines. Lots of…

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Are you ready for Bike to Work Day?

Happy Bike to Work Day week! Colorado’s Bike to Work Day is this Wednesday, June 24. Though most of the country celebrates Bike to Work Day in May, Colorado’s annual bike commute festivities happen in June, when the snow has melted enough for our mountain towns to join the fun. Check out…

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US 36 Bikeway (part 1) opens June 24

The first phase of the US 36 Bikeway between Westminster and Louisville/Superior will be opened by CDOT on Bike to Work Day, June 24. All are invited to attend the grand opening of the bikeway at 9 am. The 12-foot wide bikeway, which features grade-separated crossings at sixteen intersections, will make it possible to bike to…

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Celebrate Colorado Bike Month with these events

Colorado Bike Month is finally here! Bike month is the perfect time to share your love of bicycling with friends who haven’t yet discovered how awesome it is, so I’ve rounded up some community bike events that are great for newbies and veterans alike. There are loads of events happening all across the…

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It takes a (passionate) village

It’s about time for another update on the Walk and Wheel Communities that we’ve been working with for almost a year and a half now. Many cities that received grants from Kaiser Permanente hired consultants to create bicycle and pedestrian plans and/or design demonstration bicycle infrastructure projects, and the teams have been working diligently…

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Ride to the Rockies (baseball games, that is)

Now that summer is upon us (I’m being positive here…it’s got to be here soon right?!), you might be considering a trip to Coors Field to catch a Rockies game. The ballpark’s downtown location and the subsequent foot and bicycle traffic it helped bring to the area have been a major economic…

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How do I get there by bike?

I’ve been planning a number of summer trips recently, some that I plan to travel by bike and some by car, and it has made me realize just how different it is planning a trip by bike than by car. The stark difference When I plan to drive somewhere, I might look up…

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Colorado drops another place in Bicycle Friendly State rankings

The League of American Bicyclists released the Bicycle Friendly State rankings on Monday. Though Colorado’s score remained nearly the same as last year, the state’s ranking has slipped five spots from the #2 spot in 2013 to #7 this year. Other states are waking up to the value of bicycling investment. Utah, now #5,…

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From Boulder to the Big Apple

Last weekend I had the privilege of riding the Five Boro Bike Tour in New York City, and it was awesome. Hosted by the nonprofit Bike New York, the ride has taken place each May since 1977. It now caps at 32,000 cyclists, making it the world’s largest charitable bike ride. Our…

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I just like to ride bikes

Many of us fell in love with bikes as children because of the freedom and fun they provided. As adults, there are so many different ways we can enjoy bicycling and incorporate riding into our lives to recapture that fun and freedom. I’d like to share my personal “cycling evolution” and diverse photos…

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Senate State Affairs Committee ends funding for Safe Routes to School

We are sad to announce, on the eve of Bike to School Day, that the Senate State Affairs Committee voted to kill the Safe Routes to School program yesterday. A huge thank you to everyone who replied to our Action Alert to contact their Senator. Senators reported hearing from you, but alas,…

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Bikes and business—better together

As spring blooms in Colorado, I’m loving my commute to the office more every day. Recently I ran into my co-worker Katie on the bike path half a mile from our office. We rode in together, wheeled our bikes into the office and stored them inside on the hanging bike rack. I realized…

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Doing more with less

“Why can’t we be more like Copenhagen?” I heard this from a fellow advocate in relation to biking and walking infrastructure on this side of the pond. Most communities in the U.S. are a far cry from mirroring the golden child of cities, but here’s the thing…we’re on our way folks! I can…

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Bikes break down barriers

Bicycle Colorado’s education department is working on a very unique Safe Routes to School (SRTS) project in the City of Sheridan this spring. The program is geared towards making biking and walking a safer and more regular activity for students from kindergarten to eighth grade. What separates this program from most is…

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The Trail Building Fairy

I hate to burst this bubble, but there really isn’t a Trail Building Fairy. It’s a nice idea for those of us who love riding dirt, but I think that it is time for many of us (myself included) to put our upper body muscles to work and give the supposed fairy…

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Safe infrastructure: it’s in the details

Whether I’m riding a bicycle or driving a car, I pride myself on being as aware of my surroundings as possible. With this in mind, I was alarmed, recently, when I came very close to being hit by a car as I crossed an intersection. The photo below is from an intersection much like the…

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Fat biking in Frisco

I’ll admit it. I was a little tired of hearing about fat biking before I even tried it. People just seemed SO into it. See: Waking up to a fat bike and coffee…Finns go wild for the fatbike – perfect for biking in the snow…Minnesotans complete the Iditarod — on fat bikes…A Fat Bike For Kids…

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My ever-changing multimodal commute

  I live in Boulder and commute to our office in lower downtown Denver each day. While many people groan about this commute, I truly don’t find it too bad, although the snowy days can definitely test one’s patience. I’ve been making this multimodal commute every day for 4+ years now and…

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Bike medicine

I never used to think twice about riding a bike. As a kid, I rode to the park and the library. In college, I pedaled to class. When I moved to Philly, frugality and scarce parking turned me into a bike commuter. It wasn’t until last year that bicycling revealed its healing…

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Exclusive Ride The Rockies opportunity for Bicycle Colorado members

This just in! If you would like to bypass the Ride The Rockies lottery and provide support to Bicycle Colorado at the same time, we have a limited number of guaranteed entries for the ride. We’ll ask you to fundraise and/or donate to earn a guaranteed slot in Ride The Rockies. (Please…

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Why shouldn’t streets be complete?

  Complete what? Back in 2006, in California, I was in my boss’s office talking about a large-scale redevelopment project we were working on. In the midst of discussing some innovative street designs the applicant was proposing, my boss asked me if I was familiar with the concept of “complete streets.” It was a…

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Guest post: Colorado Bicycle Summit recap

Earlier this month I attended my second ever Colorado Bicycle Summit where business people, advocates, politicians, planners and everyday bicyclists unite to advocate for biking in Colorado. For me, the summit breaks down into three core parts: education, networking and advocacy. The first day of the seminar is all about education and…

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Bicycle Colorado Gala tickets on sale now

Tickets are on sale now for the 2015 Bicycle Colorado Gala. The event will be held on Friday, April 24 from 6 to 9:30 pm on the 14th floor of the DaVita building at 16th and Chestnut Place in Denver. The Gala is a fun celebration of Colorado cycling and includes both live and…

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Colorado winters

It’s easy to get excited about the bicycling event season when winter delivers those beautiful 60+ degree days that we’ve enjoyed in between snowstorms. It’s one of the secrets about Colorado winters that we selfishly hope doesn’t become known to people outside our state! Dreaming about bicycle events A beautiful ride on…

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Bikes a world away

I had the opportunity to take a trip across the Atlantic last week. While visiting France and Holland, I saw firsthand what I had only heard others describe to me: a world full of bikes. Bikes used as transportation, bikes ridden for leisure, bikes toting small children and bikes used to carry cargo…

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Introducing Women Bike Colorado

Fewer women than men ride bikes in the U.S.—a lot fewer. I don’t like to admit it, but the stats don’t lie. In the U.S., male cyclists outnumber female cyclists by at least 2:1. The reasons why women don’t ride as much are pretty logical. As a group, women get more groceries, schlep…

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Flood recovery progress on Longmont’s greenways

The floods of September 2013 damaged many of the bike paths around Longmont, where I live, especially those along St. Vrain and Left Hand Creeks. I recently took a couple of weekend rides on the St. Vrain and Left Hand Greenways and saw that flood recovery projects are in full swing—many repairs…

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Safe Routes to School Bill introduced

While the Colorado Department of Transportation decides which Safe Routes to School programs will be funded during the school year starting this fall, here at Bicycle Colorado we are already thinking about funding for the 2016-17 school year. Safe Routes to School, a program that teaches kids how to ride a bike and…

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Bike champions (or, how bicycle infrastructure can be built faster)

  Of all the things that make a place bicycle-friendly, the one I think about every day is infrastructure. I want better bike infrastructure for all the would-be bikers who feel like they’d be putting themselves (or their kids) in unnecessary danger by learning how to bike to work or school using…

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We’re thrilled to see so many people out enjoying (and often rediscovering the joy of) riding a bike right now, and we’re asking ALL bicyclists to do their part to prevent the spread of #covid19 by wearing a mask or other face covering when out for a ride. Doing so keeps you, your loved ones, those around you, and all Coloradans safer while helping reduce stress on our medical system. If you still need a mask, click the link in our bio to pre-order one now and support our advocacy work! Thanks so much to everyone who has already purchased, and to @primalwear for supporting our efforts over the years. Ride on.
  • #BicycleColorado volunteers and staff members spent time today helping @denverurbangardens and @denverfoodrescue deliver “Grow a Garden” food boxes to home-bound families in Denver—via bike! Supporting our community on two wheels makes for a great way to spend a sunny day. Many thanks to our friends @ddchen47, David M., and @juggernautcargo for your help! Head to or to learn more about these great local organizations. #rideyourbike
  • Tonight the #BicycleColorado team celebrated Stacey, our outgoing Development Director, with a virtual happy hour. Stacey has been an absolute rockstar for BC. We’re sad to see her leave, but thrilled for her as she heads out on a new adventure (hopefully in the #BikeAdvocacy space!) in North Carolina. Please join us in wishing her well!