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Bicycle Colorado Gala tickets on sale now

Tickets are on sale now for the 2015 Bicycle Colorado Gala. The event will be held on Friday, April 24 from 6 to 9:30 pm on the 14th floor of the DaVita building at 16th and Chestnut Place in Denver. The Gala is a fun celebration of Colorado cycling and includes both live and…

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Colorado winters

It’s easy to get excited about the bicycling event season when winter delivers those beautiful 60+ degree days that we’ve enjoyed in between snowstorms. It’s one of the secrets about Colorado winters that we selfishly hope doesn’t become known to people outside our state! Dreaming about bicycle events A beautiful ride on…

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Bikes a world away

I had the opportunity to take a trip across the Atlantic last week. While visiting France and Holland, I saw firsthand what I had only heard others describe to me: a world full of bikes. Bikes used as transportation, bikes ridden for leisure, bikes toting small children and bikes used to carry cargo…

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Introducing Women Bike Colorado

Fewer women than men ride bikes in the U.S.—a lot fewer. I don’t like to admit it, but the stats don’t lie. In the U.S., male cyclists outnumber female cyclists by at least 2:1. The reasons why women don’t ride as much are pretty logical. As a group, women get more groceries, schlep…

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Flood recovery progress on Longmont’s greenways

The floods of September 2013 damaged many of the bike paths around Longmont, where I live, especially those along St. Vrain and Left Hand Creeks. I recently took a couple of weekend rides on the St. Vrain and Left Hand Greenways and saw that flood recovery projects are in full swing—many repairs…

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Safe Routes to School Bill introduced

While the Colorado Department of Transportation decides which Safe Routes to School programs will be funded during the school year starting this fall, here at Bicycle Colorado we are already thinking about funding for the 2016-17 school year. Safe Routes to School, a program that teaches kids how to ride a bike and…

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Bike champions (or, how bicycle infrastructure can be built faster)

  Of all the things that make a place bicycle-friendly, the one I think about every day is infrastructure. I want better bike infrastructure for all the would-be bikers who feel like they’d be putting themselves (or their kids) in unnecessary danger by learning how to bike to work or school using…

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New year, new me? Nah…

Yes, it’s that time of year. A holiday season that for many is filled with friends and family, traditional holiday food (hopefully including cookies), time away from the office, travel, movies, laughter, reflection and overindulgence. Sounds great, right? Yet every year, we follow these joyous times with pressure to improve our lives…

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Generating change through relationships

Traveling the state In my roles of outreach and development at Bicycle Colorado, I enjoy traveling around the state to meet with members, donors and people in local communities working to improve bicycling and walking where we live. My colleagues and I regularly visit communities across Colorado to keep our finger on the pulse of…

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New evidence supports Safe Routes to School programs

As the end of the year approaches and the Bicycle Colorado education team wraps up another successful season, I find myself once again reflecting on our progress. From September through November, we completed bicycle and pedestrian safety education programs in seven schools (including a middle school), reaching over 3,000 students. More than 80…

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Kids’ bikes are getting fat

As a general rule, I can be a bit of a stubborn nonconformist. When fitness trends get hot (CrossFit, barefoot running, etc.), I tend to be skeptical. I have often asked chiropractor and physical therapist friends what they think of such trends and many times I hear, “It keeps me in business,” which…

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How to donate to Bicycle Colorado on Colorado Gives Day

Each year, Coloradans come together to support charitable organizations on Colorado Gives Day. We hope that you will consider a gift to Bicycle Colorado on December 9. A donation on Colorado Gives Day helps us: advocate for better laws for bicyclists work on regional policy issues that result in more and better bike…

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Transit improvements to trigger changes

A system emerging Last Friday, two Bicycle Colorado team members and I attended the Transit Alliance’s Annual Transit Event here in Denver. Approximately 250 people from throughout the region took part to network, hear the latest on FasTracks and honor several award recipients. You may ask, why are staff of a bicycle-focused organization…

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Dwindling daylight derails dedication

Now that daylight saving time is over and darkness increasingly creeps into my waking hours, the good bicycling habits I built up during the warmer, brighter months are suddenly in jeopardy. The weekend exercise ride is still something I look forward to; it’s the “just got home from work and it’s dark and…

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Bicycle safety improving

Bicycle safety came into the media spotlight recently due to a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association. The report states that the number of cyclist fatalities increased 16 percent from 2010 to 2012. What the report failed to take into account is the increase in bicycling during that same period. To…

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Four spooky experiences on a bicycle

Happy Halloween! In celebration of the calendar’s most ghoulish day, we put together four spooky bicycle-related experiences and lessons. 4. Riding like the living dead This one is silly, but it is an experience I’ve had too many times. I’m talking about bonking: running out of energy during a ride. This happens when…

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Six ways you can help improve bicycling

While biking around town, I do a lot of thinking about how things could be better for people on bikes. I think, why did they design the intersection like this? It could be so much safer. Or, why isn’t there a bike rack at this store? So many people get here by bike.…

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Serenity now!

I know when you work in the field of bicycle advocacy and active transportation, you’re bound to hear these types of comments frequently. But as cyclists, we’ve all been there. Right? Wait, been where? You know, that moment when a conversation turns awkward or uncomfortable by a comment (often) made by a…

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Chip seal—the bumpy truth

Too late I rode Guanella Pass recently to enjoy the aspens. Several cycling friends, who are also Bicycle Colorado members, told me to ride the pass before it was completely chip sealed. Unfortunately, the job was complete, changing the pavement from smooth to somewhat rough. I waited too long. For those who…

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The lowdown on Subaru VeloSwap

Are you a scavenger, deal seeker or collector? Perhaps a bicycle enthusiast, racer or commuter? Maybe you are an outdoors-lover, Colorado experience-hound or a gotta-check-out-everything type of person? If you are some, all or even none of these things, VeloSwap has something for you. What is VeloSwap? VeloSwap is the world’s largest…

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Bicycle Colorado applauds CDOT for endorsing bicycling design guides

Bicycle Colorado applauds the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) for its endorsement to state road designers and engineers of the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) Urban Street Design Guides. This announcement makes Colorado the seventh state to endorse the guides, which provide details on how to install the latest innovations…

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The parent powered movement

“When I was your age I walked uphill in the snow both ways…” Every child seems to have heard this at some point. And while exaggerated, people DID walk to school every day. Kids rode their bikes, or skateboards or simply got to school using their own bodies. I walked, too. We…

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Back to (Safe Routes to) School

Bicycle Colorado’s 2014-15 Safe Routes to School programming kicked off just after Labor Day at Normandy Elementary School in Jefferson County. This year, we will be working with children in Crested Butte, Denver, Englewood, Gunnison, Jefferson County, Montrose and Sheridan. In addition to offering our traditional Safe Routes to School curriculum at many schools, Bicycle Colorado will…

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The Biking Vikings

My poor mother. There we were in Norway—traveling together for the first time in years—and I was spending an awful lot of time veering off to take photos of bike lanes, bike commuters and parents walking their kids to school. “Check out that protected bike lane,” I would say, or “I’m just…

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5 reasons Colorado is a great place to ride

There are tons of reasons that Colorado is a great place to ride. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but here are five reasons I love riding in Colorado. Leave a comment below to let us know why you think Colorado is a great place to ride. 1. The weather…

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Trading four wheels for two

Each summer, Tour de Fat brings its blend of beer, bikes and bemusement to cities across the country. Tour de Fat is a parade and celebration of biking and beer put on by New Belgium Brewing, a strong supporter of Bicycle Colorado. At every event, a brave soul trades her/his car for a bike—pledging to live car-free…

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Everything is more fun by bike!

It’s hard to believe, but summer is already starting to wind down. Thankfully there’s still time to get out and check all your “summer fun” items off your list before the cold moves in. While many of us ride year-round, there’s something special about being able to get around town by bike…

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Scoring points for walking and biking

Have you ever been fired up at a conference? Inspired by what you’ve learned and eager to put it into practice? Last summer I participated in a conference session highlighting how regional planning organizations around the country are moving the needle—adopting policies and making investments in infrastructure to encourage more biking, walking…

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Better access to improve LoBo Trail

Colorado’s regional trail system offers many opportunities to get out and bike with your family. One of the trails I like to ride with my own family is the LoBo Trail, a 12-mile long trail connecting Longmont and Boulder by way of Gunbarrel and Niwot. I am happy to share that one disorganized intersection…

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Best ways to enjoy the USA Pro Challenge

The speed. The crowds. The colorful racing kits. The Colorado scenery. On their own these things are great; together they are Colorado’s premier road cycling event, the USA Pro Challenge. I feel fortunate to have seen at least one stage of the USA Pro Challenge in person each year since the first race…

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