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Team Evergreen offers friendly bike challenges for everyone

Team Evergreen is the largest bike club in the state of Colorado. Known for their legendary Triple Bypass and Mount Evans Hill Climb, Team Evergreen does a lot more than produce exceptional events. They’re also a non-profit organization supporting charitable organizations around the state, including Bicycle Colorado!

Team Evergreen’s rides offer unique and friendly challenges to anyone who’s up for it. Most of the Team Evergreen rides and races are sold out at this point, including the Triple Bypass, the Co2uT gravel ride, the first three Floyd Hill Sessions (though there is still space in the final session!), and the Bailey Hundo. Read below to see the highlights from two of their upcoming events that are not yet sold out!

Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb


The Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb takes place on the highest paved road in North America, and riders can register for a Gran Fondo option or the USAC Race up to the summit at 14,130 feet. Even if you’re not a regular competitive rider, check it out—the Gran Fondo version only has you competing against yourself. After a hard climb up, ride back to the start after the race and feel proud that you completed this awesome ride. As of this article being published, the Mt. Evans Hill Climb event is not yet sold out, so get in while you still can!

Beti Bike Bash

Team Evergreen works hard to make their events inclusive of people of all genders, so that everyone can feel celebrated and included. They even have a womens-only event, the Yeti Beti Bike Bash, which is the largest women’s mountain bike event in the world. Any person who identifies as female, femme, trans or non-binary is welcome to sign up. While the bicycling world is getting better at being inclusive of people of marginalized genders, it can be intimidating to start riding in a field of mostly men. A women’s-only event can be an amazing environment for riders to try something new or to challenge themselves even further without feeling like they are being compared to their male counterparts. For many women and people of other marginalized genders, it’s a chance to be vulnerable and ride with others like them with similar experiences in bicycling.

This event features categories for all riders. The “Never Ever” category is for bicyclists who would “never ever” participate in an organized mountain bike race⁠—at least, not until now! This category specifically welcomes new bicyclists to try out something new in the supportive environment of the Beti Bike Bash. Similarly, the “New Moms” category welcomes people who are getting back on their bicycles after welcoming a new child and want to participate in a race without pushing their bodies too far.

And, of course, children of all ages can participate in this race, too. There will be a kids race for all kiddos seven and under. Bring out the balance bikes! Or, if your daughter is older than seven and can handle the full-course 4-mile lap multiple times, then by all means have her race in the Beginner, Sport, or even adult Expert categories. If she is new to racing and is 14 and under, have her give it a go at 2, 3, or 4 laps of the 0.8 mile course. It’s better to have her finish strong and want to come back!

This October mountain bike event is still open for registration, so we encourage you to learn more, see and purchase their awesome 2021 jerseys, and register!

Team Evergreen and the bicycling community

Alongside expanding bicycling experiences through their rides, Team Evergreen is also dedicated to giving back to the bicycling community through its events and through grants and donations. Proceeds from their rides go toward local and national nonprofit organizations like Bicycle Colorado and other advocacy groups, community programs and community-building organizations. They also help fund trail projects and children’s bicycling programs.

Team Evergreen knows that the bicycling community isn’t just about competition, training, races and endurance. It’s about encouraging people to use their bikes for whatever they want or need to use them for and however they want to use them, and to feel welcome, safe and empowered to do it. If you plan to participate in a Team Evergreen event this year, know that your registration fee goes towards improving the trails and roads you ride on and the safety and enjoyment of you and your fellow bike riders of all backgrounds and identities.

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Events hosted by Team Evergreen in 2021


Thank you, Team Evergreen, for all you do to support bike advocacy and education in Colorado!

Team Evergreen is a Champion Event Member of Bicycle Colorado.

We’re grateful for their support!

Want to become an Event Member or an Individual Member and support our work, too? Visit our Membership page!

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