Join the National Bike Challenge!

The challenge will welcome over 60,000 riders nationwide to pedal a combined 30 million miles between May 1 and September 30, 2017 for improved health, fitness and fun!

Bicycle Colorado is proud to lead the Colorado advocacy challenge. Who wants to be #1 this year?


You will use the Strava platform to record your commuting and recreational miles. There is no cost to join the challenge, and you are encouraged to form teams at your workplace or school to motivate your colleagues to log more miles or to start commuting for the first time. Need help with that? Check out our Bicycle Commuter Services. We teach adults all about bicycle commuting!

Sign up in one easy step

Login via Strava
Use the National Bike Challenge link (above) to sign up for the challenge with your Strava account. If you do not currently have a Strava account, signing up is quick and requires name, email and password only (click the Sign Up button at the top of the page). Log trips through manual entry or GPS tracking. Don’t fancy Strava? Tapiriik and FitnessSyncer can sync your favorite tracking app to Strava.

Why join?


Have fun

Build community

Make biking better by building Strava heatmaps. More information coming soon!

Friendly competition

Prizes from the League of American Bicyclists

Activate your healthy lifestyle


Creating a team

To create your National Bike Challenge team, create a Strava club by following these easy steps:

1. Check to make sure your workplace club does not already exist:

  • Visit Select “Connect with Strava” and then login if you already have a Strava account. If not, select “Signup” to create an account.
  • Use the search bar at the top of the page to make sure that the club you want to create does not already exist.

2. Create your club, if your bike club does not already exist:

  • Navigate to Strava and login if you are not already
  • At the top of the page go to “Explore” → “Clubs” → “Create a Club”
  • Select “Cycling” as your Club Type
  • Fill in all necessary information to finish creating your club
  • You may wish to add two administrators along with you, the owner

3. Approve your club as a National Bike Challenge club:

  • On the site, go to “Settings” and approve your club to be included in the National Bike Challenge and answer all questions associated with approval. If your group is not showing up, you may need to hop on your bike, GPS track one ride, and then circle back.
  • Use your referral link under your Settings tab on your Challenge page to invite friends, family and coworkers to join you!
Leaderboard and stats

Visit this page to see Colorado’s advocacy challenge leaderboard. Everyone who is signed up for the National Bike Challenge and has their profile information set to Colorado will be automatically added to this leaderboard. Let’s make it to #1!

Sponsorship opportunity

Colorado Challenge Sponsorship

Please click this link for our sponsorship opportunity. We hope you’ll help us lead the way to active living and better bicycling in 2017!



Did you know that nearly 75% of Coloradans own a bike? Learn more about our state’s bicycling trends and how we all benefit from more people riding bikes!


We have an extensive listing of route resources for road, trail and bike path riding all across Colorado.


If you are reading this, you clearly like being a part of something big. Join Bicycle Colorado as a member and become part of our team of 9,000 Coloradans and counting!

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A snowy morning commute in Denver today! The snow is now melted and we hope you’ll get some pedaling time in today.
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Kubly will share his vision for how Coloradans can address current transportation demands while planning for the future. His insight will be invaluable for anyone wondering how Colorado infrastructure can keep up with the increasing demands of an growing population.
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