Save the ’Zone Initiative

Did you know that more than one million (17%) of the Denver region’s daily drive-alone trips are two miles or less? Let’s change that statistic!

If you live or work in Lakewood, we encourage you to participate in the Save the ’Zone initiative to reduce drive-alone trips and ground level ozone. Through an engaging series of programs and events, Bicycle Colorado will reach a large number of Lakewood residents and employees to make a meaningful impact on travel behaviors and air quality. Our goal is to see 250 daily drive-alone trips shifted to walking, biking, carpool or transit. Assuming a trip distance of 2 miles, this could result in a reduction of 500 miles driven and over 400 lbs of CO2 emissions each day.

How do I participate?

Step 1: Complete the 2-minute introduction survey.

Step 2: Take the pledge to replace drive-alone trips with other options.

Step 3: Report your trips monthly or register to track trips through My Way to Go. You will be eligible to earn rewards for tracking your trips and making a difference in Lakewood.

What if I already substitute as many trips as I can? 
We’re glad to hear it and need your help! We still encourage you to take our survey and track trips. You can also contribute by spreading the word about Save the ’Zone, participating in events, telling your transportation success stories or even mentoring those new to bike commuting, public transit or carpooling. Contact us to share your expertise and support Lakewood residents and employees in decreasing their drive-alone trips!

Do you accept the challenge?

Take the survey & pledge!

What to expect

Monthly emails: Participants will receive monthly emails with a brief survey, updates about Save the ’Zone’s impact, shout outs to active and public transportation “champions” and tips and resources to help you be successful in your pledge.

Mobility workshops: Attend a workshop to gain bike commuting, maintenance or route-finding skills or learn more about how to navigate the bus and light rail.

Transportation challenges: During these one to three-month challenges, participants will earn rewards for tracking their trips and winners will receive additional prizes! These will include a Summer Commute, All-Weather and Women Bike Colorado Challenge.

School-based education: Bicycle Colorado will be visiting Lakewood schools to present pedestrian and bike safety to students. We will encourage them to try commuting to school by foot or bike as well as become advocates for active and public transportation among their families and friends.

Group bike rides: Join us for bike rides around Lakewood with the support of local bike groups and shops. These will be a great opportunity to practice commuting and navigation skills as well as explore your community!

Community events: Visit us and learn more about Save the ’Zone when we table at Lakewood community events such as Earth Day, Bike to Work Day and more!

Workplace programs: Selected employers will welcome Bicycle Colorado to host mobility workshops, group bike rides and month-long challenges to educate and motivate employees.

Summer workshops and group rides at Lakewood Rec Centers!


Save the ’Zone flyer
Public transportation

Lakewood’s public transportation options are offered through the Regional Transportation District (RTD).  On their website, you can access a plethora of resources to make using public transportation easier, such as bus and light rail schedules and tips for riding.

  • How to ride an RTD bus, light rail or the A-line to the train. Or watch the video here.
  • RTD Trip Tracker allows you to keep up to date with bus and light rail schedules.
  • Bike-n-Ride will teach you how to load a bike on public transit. Here is a helpful video by TransLink demonstrating a similar loading system.
  • Visit Map-Matters to view and help gather data on routes to public transit and the quality of transit stops.

Google Maps also allows you to search for a public transportation routes to your destination. You can sort results by departure or arrival time. You can access the same information if you download the Google Maps app to your phone.

  • The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center outlines safety tips for pedestrians.
  • Visit Map Matters to view and help gather data on pedestrian counts and the conditions of sidewalks and intersections.

My Way to Go is an online resource provided by the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) to help individuals and employers coordinate carpooling.

  • Individuals: Simply enter your start and end point and find carpoolers near you.
  • Employers: Way to Go can provide you with the tools to evaluate your employees’ needs, help you spread the word and measure success.
News resources

If you want to stay informed in the sustainable transportation world and read some inspiring stories, here are a few resources you may be interested in subscribing to or following on Facebook.

Upcoming Events

Stay up to do date with Save the ‘Zone happenings by checking out the event calendar and following the Facebook page.

Partners and Sponsors

Save the ’Zone is a partnership between the City of Lakewood, Regional Air Quality Council and Bicycle Colorado. A special thanks goes to the following organizations and businesses that support the initiative.



Please contact Mo McCanna at with questions or for ways to become more involved in Save the ’Zone.

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