Safe Routes to School

We teach kids to ride and walk safely to school.

While many adults joyfully remember biking or walking to school, most kids today are being driven to school and just about everywhere else. We want to make sure that the next generation has similar memories—that they are healthy, know their communities and experience the joy of riding bikes.

We believe that the Safe Routes to School program is a great starting point for achieving these goals.

Since 2006, our education team has worked with communities throughout the state to obtain funding for Safe Routes to School programs.

We are proud of our results:

+ Reached more than 87,000 students with bicycling and walking safety education
+ Worked in more than 200 Colorado schools
+ Taught hundreds of kids to ride a bike

Are you just getting started with Safe Routes to School or seeking new ideas for an existing program? Enlist the help of our education team to jumpstart your school’s program! Check out the Bicycle Colorado education program catalog (opens a PDF in a new tab) for more information.

Additional SRTS Resources

Colorado Support: The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) administers Safe Routes to School (SRTS) funding in Colorado. The CDOT website provides excellent SRTS background and guidance.

National Support: The National Safe Routes to School Partnership and National Center for Safe Routes to School publish helpful research and webinars to support Safe Routes to School programs.

Incentive Prizes: Fire Up Your Feet is a program that tracks student and family biking and walking trips and can raise money for your school.

Transportation: Way to Go’s Schoolpool program can provide your families with an easy way to coordinate carpooling, walking or biking groups.

Encouragement Events: Register your event on the Walk & Bike to School Day website where you can also find tips and trick for promoting the event.

Bring education to your school or community!

Whether you are interested in a one-day event or a comprehensive education program, Bicycle Colorado’s expert educators can help. Below are a few approaches for funding your project:

Here are a few approaches for funding your project:

+ Contact your school board to advocate for Safe Routes
+ Allocate departmental funds (ex. Physical Education) for a one-day program
+ Prioritize PTA funds to apply to walking and biking encouragement programs
+ Apply for a CDOT Safe Routes to School grant, which can fund a comprehensive education program at your school. As a project partner, Bicycle Colorado is able to provide technical assistance in grant writing.

Most of our school-based programs in our catalog can also be implemented at community events. Please email Mo McCanna if you are interested in scheduling an education program in your community.

Parent Resources

Could there be a more fun way to commute to school than by walking or biking with your kids? However, many parents are concerned about safety, especially when their children walk alone. Before heading off to school, review these helpful resources below.

How do I teach my child to ride?

Spoiler alert–training wheels aren’t the best answer!

Take off the pedals and teach your child to balance, glide and then ride on their own. When they feel confident, put the pedals on. For more tips, check out our learn to ride handout or sign your child up for a Bike School lesson.

When can my child ride in the street?

Some sources say that at the age of 10, kids can cognitively handle navigating the streets. We highly recommend that you spend quality time riding with your kids in the streets–talking about opening car doors, riding on the right and obeying traffic signals and signs–before letting him/her ride alone. Also, explore routes together and find the best and safest way to get places like to school and nearby parks.

Organizing walk, bike or carpool groups

Way to Go’s Schoolpool program can provide your family with an easy way to get students to and from school. This free, secure system connects you with families in your neighborhood to organize carpooling, walking, biking or riding the bus together.

To start from scratch, check out this handout for tips on starting walking school buses and bike trains.

Our kids were very excited to be a part of the [safe routes] program! To see the expressions on their faces when they were able to ride the bikes that are now part of our school was priceless. Scott Crites

P.E. teacher, Avery-Parsons Elementary

Bicycle Colorado

A bill to increase fines on people who "roll coal" against cyclists, motorists, etc., continues to move through the legislature!

Massive study finds cyclists ... experience dramatically lower risk of dying from any cause than those who drive.

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