We teach adults how to safely and confidently commute by bike!

Want to look forward to your commute, feel energized and be more focused at work?

Interested in being less car-dependent in your neighborhood and while errand-running?

Want to be more active while also being productive?

Bike commuting can improve mental and physical health, connect you to your community, save you money and help the environment.

Bicycle Colorado developed our Confident Commuting curriculum to meet the growing interest in bicycle commuting and because of our role in the bicycle infrastructure popping up across Denver and Colorado.


Not only will you save money and feel great, but your employer can save money as well. Wellness programs are proven to save health care and absenteeism costs.

In a study of 72 wellness programs, every $1 invested in a wellness program saved businesses $4 on health care costs and $5 in reduced absenteeism costs.

Confident Commuting

When you’re ready to get started, gather some co-workers or friends and let’s get pedaling!

This three-part, hands-on program can be implemented anywhere — workplaces, community centers or even your local brewery during happy hour.

Students will learn essential traffic and maintenance skills to increase their confidence as a bike commuter. Each participant will pedal away with a full manual to dive deeper into topics of interest.

Below is a sample program that could be conducted over three “brown-bag” lunch sessions. Recognizing that all organizations and businesses have a unique culture and set of opportunities and needs, Bicycle Colorado will customize the Confident Commuting program for each client. Sessions are available individually or as a package.

For more information about scheduling a Confident Commuting program, email Mo McCanna.

Day 1: Bike gear, laws, safety and route-finding

A comprehensive introduction to bike commuting. Topics include choosing the right bike and fit, clothing and gear and how to clean up and be presentable for work. We will then shift to rules of the road and traffic scenarios. This involves an in-depth discussion of safety tips, bike laws, etiquette, infrastructure and lane positioning.

Day 2: Basic bike maintenance

Class participants are guided through the basics of taking care of a bicycle, including fixing a flat tire, adjusting brakes and maintaining a bicycle chain. All participants will get the opportunity to change a flat tire. In addition, participants will learn the ABC Quick Check – an easy way to check over a bike before riding that will help prevent crashes due to bike malfunction.

Day 3: Group ride

Bicycle Colorado’s bike instructors will lead a group ride for all participants interested in gaining more confidence on the road and applying what they have learned. The route will take participants through a diverse sample of intersections, streets and infrastructure to reinforce content from previous days and allow for more discussion related to rules of the road, lane positioning, etc. Participants will receive feedback on their riding as well as practice bike maneuvering skills to further build confidence and decrease the chance of being involved in a crash. The group will travel at a comfortable pace to accommodate different riding levels.

Launch a workplace bike program

If you are interested in getting more people biking to and from your workplace, here are some ideas to get started.

Ask colleagues if they are interested in bike commuting

Pop your head into your neighbor’s office or cubicle. Are others at your office interested in learning how to confidently commute by bike? With support from employees, you can make a strong case for starting a program at your office.

Talk to HR or your wellness team

Tell them about employee interest in starting a program. Bike commuting can save employers money and make employees happier and healthier. Bike programs are a great addition to workplace wellness programs, and commuter education courses not only build interest, but also teach coworkers how to find the best routes to work, follow Colorado bicycle laws, learn to change a flat tire and more.

Start a BikePool program

Finding coworkers who are coming from similar parts of town to ride in together is a great way to promote bicycling to work.

Participate in Bike to Work Day

The fourth Wednesday of June is Bike to Work Day in Colorado. It’s a great way to introduce people to the idea of bike commuting. Start a campaign to get more people at your office signed up and let’s work together to keep people riding throughout the year. And don’t forget about Winter Bike to Work Day hosted in early February.

Confident Commuting manual

Utilize our Confident Commuting manual as a resource for your workplace.

Bicycle Colorado

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