We teach adults all about bicycle commuting!

Are you interested in feeling more energetic and saving time in your day? Want to look forward to your commute and be more productive at work? Bike commuting can do all of these things—make you feel great, keep you healthy, save you money and, often, even save you money.

To meet the growing need for adult bicycle education and interest in bicycle commuting, Bicycle Colorado developed Bicycle Commuter Services.


Not only will you save money and feel great, but your employer can save money as well. Wellness programs are proven to save health care and absenteeism costs.

In a study of 72 wellness programs, every $1 invested in a wellness program saved businesses $4 on health care costs and $5 in reduced absenteeism costs.

Bicycle Commuter Services

This three-part, hands-on program is implementable anywhere–workplaces, community centers or even your local brewery during happy hour.

Students will learn essential traffic and mechanics skills to increase their confidence as a bike commuter. Each participant will pedal away with a content-rich manual to dive deeper into topics of interest.

Below is snapshot of the program. For a full outline, reference this handout.

When you’re ready to get started, gather some co-workers or friends and let’s get pedaling!

For more information about scheduling a Bicycle Commuter Services program, email Mo McCanna.

Day 1: Commuting basics & confident cycling

Learn the essentials to stay safe so you can enjoy the ride. Topics include bike selection and fit, clothing, gear, traffic navigation and general safety.

Day 2: Basic bike mechanics

Practice the basics for taking care of your own bicycle, including fixing a flat tire and maintaining a bicycle chain.

Day 3: Group ride

Ride together as a group through a diverse sample of intersections and roads. This final class is guaranteed to boost your confidence!

Launch a workplace bike program

If you are interested in getting more people biking to and from your workplace, here are some ideas for getting started.

Ask colleagues if they are interested in learning about commuting to work by bike

Pop your head into your neighbor’s office or cubicle. Are others at your office interested in learning how to confidently bike commute? With support from employees, you can make a strong case for starting a program at your office.

Talk to HR or your wellness team

Tell them about employee interest in starting a program. Bike commuting can save employers money and make employees happier and healthier. Bike programs are a great addition to workplace wellness programs, and commuter education courses not only build interest, but also teach coworkers how to find the best routes to work, follow Colorado bicycle laws, learn to change a flat tire and more.

Start a BikePool program

Finding coworkers who are coming from similar parts of town to ride in together is a great way to promote bicycling to work. Bicycle Colorado can help you to organize a BikePool program to get more people comfortable with riding to work. Contact Mo McCanna for more information.

Participate in Bike to Work Day

The fourth Wednesday of June is Bike to Work Day in Colorado. It’s a great way to introduce people to the idea of bike commuting. Start a campaign to get more people at your office signed up and let’s work together to keep people riding throughout the year.

Bicycle Commuter Services manual

Utilize our Bicycle Commuter Services as a resource for your workplace.

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