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Speak up for bicycling in Pikes Peak region

The Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments, El Paso County, City of Colorado Springs and City of Woodland Park are seeking input on an update to the regional non-motorized transportation system plan.

The plan will look at removing barriers to bicycling, walking and other non-motorized modes of transportation to increase those activities in the Pikes Peak region. If you live or work in the area, your participation in this process is crucial to make sure the plan addresses community needs.

Now: You can add problem areas on your bike route to their cool interactive online map (vote and reinforce what others have said). You can also attend a public meeting on Nov. 12, 14, 18 or 20.

Learn more about the project and the meetings at

Bicycle Colorado

About the Author: Bicycle Colorado

Bicycle Colorado is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Denver. We use advocacy, education and passion to make Colorado one of the most bicycle-friendly states in the nation. We encourage and promote bicycling, increase safety, improve conditions and provide a voice for people who ride bicycles in Colorado. With the support of our members and numerous partnerships across the public and private sector, we’ve made significant strides in improving bicycling since 1992.


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Bicycle Colorado

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