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If you like riding a bike, you belong at VeloSwap—Everyone is invited! 

VeloSwap is the world’s largest consumer bike swap and expo. This one-day event on Saturday, November 4 features the tons of vendors, with the best merch and deals in the industry. It’s a must-visit event in our capital city for anyone who is interested in bikes and bike culture.

With vendors spread out over 130,000 square feet, VeloSwap is massive. Planning for the event helps it feel less overwhelming and helps you take full advantage of the deals, educational programs and all that VeloSwap has to offer! We put together this blog post to help you—Bicycle Colorado members and supporters—plan your day at the event (but winging it is always an option, too) with some insider tips and tricks.

VeloSwap is a generous supporter of Bicycle Colorado, your state bicycle advocacy organization. Whether or not you ride a bicycle, and however you choose to ride, we encourage you to go out this year, show your support of an incredible event, support bicycle advocacy and snag some great deals.

First off, what is VeloSwap?

Rows and rows of discounted clothing, gear, parts, art and more sold direct from vendors at great prices, plus plenty demos, information and handouts from bike brands, local shops, nonprofits and other bike junkies.

Photo: Courtesy of VeloSwap

Your plan of attack

Get your ticket and renew your membership right at the front door! Bicycle Colorado volunteers will be outside  selling memberships for $30, which include a free ticket to VeloSwap. Two birds with one stone, at its finest!

Event Details

Saturday, November 4th, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

National Western Complex
4655 Humboldt St.
Denver, CO 80216

8 a.m. Bike Denver’s Outdoor Bicycle Lock opens (Bring your own lock)

9 a.m. VeloSwap opens

All Day: Drop your ticket stub for the raffle at the VeloSwap Booth

2:30 p.m. Park Tool’s $100 Bike Build Challenge

3 p.m. E-bike drawing at the Best E-Bike Booth

4 p.m. Doors close

There are plenty of programs at specific locations, including education at Bikes Together, wrenching and guidance at Performance Bike and more—click here to learn more.


“Navigating this 130,000-square-foot space, stuffed with 350 vendors, ranging from that bike dork next door to professional bike-shop staff, nonprofits and brand sales reps, can be challenging but also part of the bike-fanatic fun.” GrindTV

Cash is king

If you are like me, you rarely carry cash! VeloSwap is the day to make an exception.

Wondering how much to bring? That depends on what you are shopping for. If you think you might just pick up a pair of socks, $5 will probably be fine. If you are looking for that new Carbon Tri Bike, plan accordingly.  

While some vendors will run cards, cash is still king here. VeloSwap vendors and organizers encourage you to haggle, and picking up some 20-dollar-bills from the on-site ATMs is definitely a good idea.

Photo: Courtesy of VeloSwap

“One of the best parts of VeloSwap is it’s not all buttoned up like a pro branded bike show. You’ve got to love the nerdy vintage-bike guys; the ex-pros doling out gently used items (and advice) for next to nothing; and the “make me an offer” folks who still appreciate the fine art of haggling.” – Grind TV

Visit Bicycle Colorado’s booths and renew your support

Remember to buy your ticket the morning of the event at the front doors from Bicycle Colorado. We will be outside the event selling a ticket-membership combo for just $30. We gladly accept all forms of payment, including credit card!

Once inside, come visit our booth and score a bargain on BC swag.

#1 Rule: Have fun!

P.S. It’s always a good idea to bring water and a snack!

Please comment below with any questions or any tips we missed.

Erica Hine

About the Author: Erica Hine

Erica leads Bicycle Colorado’s membership and Share the Road license plate programs, and she contributes to our communications and outreach efforts statewide. She believes everyone in Colorado should be able to ride and feel safe doing it. Erica enjoys mountain biking and year-round bicycle commuting.


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