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Bikes and business—better together

Bike Path 2_cropAs spring blooms in Colorado, I’m loving my commute to the office more every day. Recently I ran into my co-worker Katie on the bike path half a mile from our office. We rode in together, wheeled our bikes into the office and stored them inside on the hanging bike rack.

I realized then, one reason my commute is so nice is that I get great encouragement from my workplace. I have a safe place to store my bicycle during the work day. There are bike maintenance supplies available if I need to pump up my tires or grease my chain. No one gives me weird looks on the occasional days that I arrive at the office a little mud-spattered or windblown.

These are just a few ways that Bicycle Colorado supports my bike commuting. There are lots of opportunities for businesses and organizations to be friendly to bikes and the people who ride them.

Why be a bike-friendly business?

BC-bike-rackLots of businesses have begun to recognize that supporting bikes and supporting the bottom line can go hand in hand. Communities with good bike infrastructure attract top talent and keep employees happy and healthy. Bicyclists spend money at local businesses, especially businesses located along bike corridors. Plus, when a business supports employees who commute by bike, it can have a positive environmental impact for a small amount of money.

Colorado businesses get behind bikes

The League of American Bicyclists announced their annual Bicycle Friendly Business awards last week in celebration of Earth Day. More than 70 Colorado businesses are on the list, which also includes Facebook, Starbucks and Walmart. Fort Collins is home to more Bicycle Friendly Businesses than any other town or city in the country!

Bicycle Colorado also has more than 100 fantastic business members in 38 communities around the state. From bike shops to law firms, tech companies to bike manufacturers, all of our member businesses recognize the value of investing in a bicycle-friendly future for Colorado.

Bikes and business: let’s roll

Bike Month blog sizeDo people at your workplace want to commute by bike? Would your company celebrate bike commuters or support bike advocacy? Here are a few fun ideas for how your business or employer can be more bicycle-friendly:

  • Bike to Work Day is Wednesday, June 24! Join thousands of riders across Colorado and bike to work. You can even rally your coworkers for some friendly competition with another business or organize a commute caravan with your coworkers—especially for commuter newbies, it’s easier and more fun to ride with friends!
  • Host a Bike to Work Day station and provide refreshments and entertainment to bike commuters. It’s a great way to introduce your business to a happy crowd of bike riders!
  • Is there designated bike storage or parking at your workplace? A place for bicycle commuters to change when they get to work? Check out these ideas for improving your workplace’s bicycle-friendliness.
  • Become a Bicycle Colorado business member. Business support strengthens our voice as an advocate for cyclists at the statewide level.

Do you work for a company that supports bicycle commuters? Give them a shout-out here in the comments!

Madeline Kreider Carlson

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